• Feeling lonesomeness !

    Want to watch a video while chatting with your close buddy!

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  • Playnows

    Watch a video in live time in a group chat!

    Playnow is a new age video sharing app that allows you and your friends to watch videos together. No more crowding around phone screens or sharing links.

    Everything Amazing about the trending app

    Playnow is the emerging app that serves your pupose perfectly. Playnow allows you to play films synchronized to more than one users from many assets inclusive of Twitch, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Ustream, raw mp4/flv/and so on. You can additionally embed different films the using iframes, but the syncing has to be done manually as automatic syncing will not occur. The most important is that Playnow allows you to play the real time scene on the screen of your other person as live stream.

    Just imagine! you and your other half are watching and enjoying the same video at the same time. It feels that you are living a movement together. You and your family or your friends watching the video together. You both are developing the same feelings together. Doesn’t it tastes you a sweet candy. Watch together is the candy that can provide you a better taste of the same.

    Want to get the app ?

    So come closer and watch together! It’s available on PlayStore & App Store.

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